– IT Infrastructure Senior Engineer – Lowongan Kerja Posisi IT Infrastructure Senior Engineer di PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure, Tbk



  • Maintain & develop essential IT Operations & Administration, including servers, networks, operating systems, security tools, applications, email systems, laptops, desktops, software, and hardware.
  • Manage IT Infrastructures’ upgrades, installations, and/or replacements.
  • Design & implement new IT Infrastructures and technology needed by the company.
  • Ensure the IT Landscape & Company’s Data, Information & Network Access security.
  • Conduct user education and awareness system training.
  • Track and maintain IT Assets, including but not limited to hardware and software inventory.
  • Perform Backup & Recovery Procedures.
  • Compile and update the documentation of hardware and software systems, assets, policies, procedures, and solutions.
  • Responsible of IT Incidents including prevention, handling, evaluation and reports.


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Information Technology, or related fields.
  • Preferred candidate with minimum 8 years of experience in IT Administrator/Network & Infrastructure.
  • Having knowledge of Operating Systems (Active Directory and other Linux Based System)
  • Having experience of enterprise backup and recovery procedures, and system performance monitoring
  • Experience and familiarity with Veritas Backups & Recovery.
  • Having experience in IT Security including Firewall, Anti-Virus, IPS/IDS System
  • Having experience in IT Security including Vulnerability Assessment & Pentest System
  • Having experience in L2 & L3 Network including VLAN, STP & Tunnelling IPSEC
  • Having experience in CCTV & VOIP Telephony.
  • Preferably having CCNA Certification.
  • Experienced in Project Management Practices and Techniques, such as team building, scheduling, and budgeting.
  • Having experience in IT Virtualization environment VMware & Nutanix

Informasi Tambahan Lowongan Kerja

Tingkat Pekerjaan : Supervisor/Koordinator
Kualifikasi : Sarjana (S1)
Pengalaman Kerja : 5 tahun
Jenis Pekerjaan : Penuh Waktu
Spesialisasi Pekerjaan : Komputer/Teknologi Informasi, IT-Admin Jaringan/Sistem/Database / 508, 193 – Peluang Karier Menarik Menanti! Kami membuka pintu kesempatan bagi individu berbakat yang ingin bergabung dalam tim kami. Jika Anda memiliki semangat yang tinggi, kreativitas yang tak terbatas, dan motivasi untuk tumbuh bersama, ini adalah waktu yang tepat untuk mewujudkan impian Anda. Kami mencari individu yang berkomitmen untuk mencapai prestasi luar biasa dan berkontribusi pada kesuksesan perusahaan. Bergabunglah dengan kami dan menjadi bagian dari perjalanan yang menantang dan penuh inspirasi menuju kesuksesan bersama!


Informasi perusahaan Pemberi Kerja, PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure, Tbk

PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure, Tbk

Since 2003 our company has been providing coverage solutions and continually expanding its infrastructure portfolio through build-to-suit developments and acquisition of existing tower portfolios and tower companies.

Currently our infrastructure extends to Java, Bali, Sumatera, Kalimantan and Sulawesi and we are expanding into Maluku & Papua. On an ongoing basis we are reviewing industry innovation and technology to improve the quality of our coverage solutions and enhance customer service.

The commitment we make to each customer is to provide responsive, complete and reliable coverage solutions and customer service wherever our customers want to be in Indonesia.

Scope of Work

To support our customer’s requirements for network expansion and to enhance the network coverage as well as the network capacity we provide services in both build-to-suit and collocation schemes. We target infrastructure development for coverage hot spots including inner city, business districts, housing and residential developments as well as the main roads in Java, Bali, Sumatera and Batam. We are also expanding our footprint in Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

Tower Bersama Group has initiated good partnership protocols with regulatory authorities to maintain best service continuity to our customers and compliance with national or local area regulatory requirements, particularly with regard to “menara bersama” tower development concepts.


Tower Bersama Group has a workforce skilled and experienced in both build-to-suit and collocation site development as well as the acquisition of existing tower portfolios and tower companies. Our rollout teams are supported by technical design, new build and collocation engineering specialist and project management specialists across the country.

Informasi Tambahan Perusahaan PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure, Tbk

Ukuran Perusahaan : 501 – 1000 pekerja
Waktu Proses Lamaran : 28 hari
Industri : Telekomunikasi
Tunjangan dan Lain-lain : Asuransi Gigi, Tip, Asuransi kesehatan, Waktu regular, Senin – Jumat, Kasual (contoh: Kaos)
Lokasi : Jakarta Raya

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